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I specialize in teaching Hot Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Yin Yoga & Meditation since 2018. I have taught thousands of in-studio and virtual classes, as well as conducted hundreds of private sessions. My goal is to meet my students' needs and empower them to create the life they desire, both on and off their mats, while holding space for them. Additionally, I have over 6 years of experience managing studios, handling marketing, sales, and social media.

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Why Work

with Me

Yoga instruction entails more than memorizing a sequence; it's about embodying authenticity, emotional intelligence, and building genuine connections. As a seasoned yoga instructor, I've accumulated a wealth of experience in both practicing and running a yoga business.

I've developed techniques to tap into authenticity and cultivate a dedicated following. When you work with me, you will access my knowledge, and I will offer you my ongoing support.

I'm committed to sharing all the insights and practices that have shaped my path. From my tips and techniques to my emotional resilience and determination, I'll provide you with the tools to thrive.


  • Natural-Looking Photographs: Effortless and authentic yoga business photography.
  • Business Branding: Tailored content creation for classes, events, workshops, and trainings.
  • Website and Linktree Management: Designing websites and managing Linktree accounts to reflect your vision.
  • Social Media Content Creation: Engaging visual storytelling and copywriting for social media.
  • Email Marketing: Professionally designed and written marketing emails and newsletters.

Yoga Private Sessions

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We will work one-on-one to deepen your practice, and I will support you in moving and feeling better. Each session will be uniquely tailored for you!

What I offer


  • Myofascial Release, Mobility & Yin
  • Forearm Stands
  • The 7 Chakras - A Healing, Reflective & Yin Experience with Gina Nelli

Teacher Trainings

Mural Design

My murals will represent and fit your business and space perfectly. What sets my work apart is that I paint with extreme precision and attention to every detail.

Creative Sequencing

for Yoga Instructors

10 Yoga Alliance CEU

Price: $150

Style | Schedule:

  • Online (Attend Live or OnDemand)
  • Sat: 7/13 and 7/20
  • 10am - 12:30pm | 2pm - 5pm (Both days)

This training will be a source of continual inspiration. I will share what I've found effective during my years of teaching, because I really want you to bring your creativity to life. You'll learn to explore the poses, moving from what feels good in your body, and, in turn, construct effective, balanced, anatomical and creative sequences. This knowledge will keep your teaching inspired for years to come and will also allow you to make your vinyasa, slow flow, and yin classes accessible to practitioners of all experience levels.

Who is this training for: Yoga Instructors who are looking for new ways to inspire their students (and themselves!) through creative and intentional sequencing.

What is included: 3 sample sequences + Digital Creative Sequencing Teacher Training Manual + Digital Certificate of Completion.

  • The Foundations: Basic Anatomy and Planes of Movement
  • My favorite sequencing concepts: such as Peak Pose, Counter/Rebound Pose, Vinyasa (Flow), Transitions, Stability, Mobility, Flexibility, Time-under-Tension, Compound and Conditioning
  • How to Support Your Practice: Alignment Techniques and uses of props
  • Advanced Sequencing Techniques: My Sequencing Principles
  • How to design your practice and curate playlists for sequences
  • And some more nerdy, fun, funky stuff!

Dynamic Stillness:

Yin & Mobility

Teacher Training

50 hours Yoga Alliance CEU


$325 (Before 8/1)

$475 (After 8/2)

Style| Schedule:

Online (Attend Live or OnDemand)

9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12

9am-12:30pm | 2-6pm ET

No prerequisites. This training is open to anyone wishing to learn and deepen their Yin & Mobility practice.

What is included: 5 OnDemand Classes + Digital Teacher Training Manual, includes 3 sample sequences + Digital Certificate of Completion.

Yin Yoga History | Chinese Medicine Principles | Meridians: The 5 Great Elements, Seasons + Emotions | Mindful Hypnotherapy | Koshas, Nadis & Chakras | Meditation & Pranayama | The movement of Qi | Yin Poses - Teaching Technique, Sequencing Principles, Modifications & Benefits | Basic Anatomy, Connective Tissue, Fascia Anatomy, Myofascial Chains | Key Concepts: Biomechanics, Stretch Physiology, Tissue Adaptation, Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Tension, Compression, The Exercise Theory, Stress & Stretch | Myofascial Release Techniques | The Art of Holding Space | Self-study, inquiry & more...

Mural Design

I craft beautiful and potent murals, inspired by sacred geometry and infused with Reiki. Each piece serves as your unique charm, embodying the essence of your business. With a Certificate of Authenticity included, you can trust in the high quality of each one of my creations.

My work has the highest quality, you can view it from up close without any visible imperfections.

If you are looking for a detail-oriented & fine line artist, look no more. I´d love to create a beautiful piece for you!

Let´s paint our way to our next chapter together...

Let´s talk about your vision

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